Reflection series >>> Re-reproduction collage


If you open an art history book, you find photographed pictures of different art works from different periods of the art history.  The images which are re-productions of an image made by an artist.  An art history book is also an image book, or a book of imagery per se.  With Walter Benjamin’s approach those pictures are reproduced in the age of mechanical reproduction.

Beside being pop, Andy Warhol uses reproduction of an image or different images.  He uses the possibilities of the silk screen to make such effects – layer on top of a layer.  Since I started to make pictures beside making intaglio prints and silk screens, the layers in photography could be captured through photo-collage.  But photography for me as a medium is/was a single shot of a moment.  Despite the fact I won’t make some time to arrange some photo collage, I would rather make the photo collage once the shutter is open.  I found this possibility through taking photos of the reflections onto the glasses, windows, reflective materials, etc…   Especially after visiting Andy Warhol’s exhibition in Milan, I took the chance of making photo collages by using his silk screens.  The quality that the glass on the silk screen provided prepared me a chance to take photos as such.


screen-shot-2013-10-12-at-8-38-26-pm© Fariborz Farid


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