Sitting and writing at my studio

Fariborz Farid studio works

I’m a late-hour and an early-hour worker. Time flies by and I as an artist work on my main side-line, day in and out.  At the moment I am working on another book.  The book is about the influence of color/s in the daily life.  We, as individuals, are surrounded color… the walls of our house, our fashion, the design of interiors, and the nature itself.  I am now working on the exciting part that how the public artists can use the influence of the color.  The media art gives the media architects this opportunity to have an ever-changing quality to the architectural buildings or even the ruins.  That is something which might come to the mind in relation with the light, media art and architecture.  But if you go further than the exterior and the interior “design” you will see that how many particles of the color are recognizable in the current none-designed architecture.  I am not referring to the nature!

The quality of the natural medium – rocks, wood, stones,… – are available to us in the palaces, early 50′s and the historic nordic cottages.  The paint is just a coat to protect besides identification medium.  The stones are a medium of a more long lasting material besides their fancy look.  The rocks on the rout of the facades are a carrier of the wight besides their connection to the nature.  These natural elements around us provides the artists a pre-made limitation (opportunity!) to model and work along with them.

Won’t reveal more of the thoughts on the book, but here as the wrapping point:  modeling an architectural material has a lot to do with remembering an original! and this remembering is losing its connection to the origin!  The fake sone/rock/wood patterns are no longer luxury since the mid 50′s.  They are not cheap material whatsoever! but they are perfect in their best location used.


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