“Sie hat mich 2 Jahre lang heimlich gefilmt.”

In this world every now and then, you hear stories of some people whom intrigue you deeply. You realise that this world is not only your home, your street, your town, your girlfriend, your ex- etc.

It reminds me of this now, after I encountered with an issue in my life which was unique to a great extent a couple of months ago. My ex-partner had filmed me secretly for about 2 years. I wonder how  her mind could think of this! For sure she’s mentally sick.

In this world there are plenty of peaceful and motivated personalities whom show you that this world is smaller than a partner whose actions are vicious, unclear, secret, and nasty.

In the past months I have discovered dozens of great personalities whom they live their daily life exactly as it has to be. which makes me wonder how come some people live in their own cocoon and some other go further than the mental barriers for the sake of peace.
I was totally shocked to see and hear myself in her videos. Why on earth des someone do it? The answer is easy. Some people are control freaks and are obsessed with collecting any single stuff about you. The love going through garbage so let them be there where they belong to.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.23.00

Rebecca Lowe. I felt proud of her and getting the chance to read an article about her on BBC. When I see how some people like this respectful woman are breaking the barrier and go further I feel once again so much better by breaking up with a woman whose thoughts are demanding negative attention by filming me secretly for two years. Page screenshot from the BBC website.

Hopefully I meet more of positive personalities rather than the negative ones.


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