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I am a designer, researcher, writer and visual artist.

Since 2009 I have been exhibiting my art works on an international level, here and there. Since 2001 I have been writing, translating and editing Art Books related to the movements in the art history (especially the modern times).  I have also edited a couple of ancient Persian books of poem.

My education has been focused on:

B.A  Painting   (2006 Uni Tehran, IR)

M.A  Fine Arts   (2009 maHKU, NL)

M.A  Media Art and design   (2012-2014 Bauhaus Uni, DE)

About this weblog – 2009:  This weblog is a part of the ARTISTIC RESEARCH for my THESIS that I am going to write for my master studies at the maHKU – 2009 – Utrecht, Netherlands.  This way I will stay up-to-date with my observations and keep connected to writing about art.

About this weblog – 2011:  After my graduation from maHKU I kept this ball rolling in in a slower rhythm to ponder and digest what I take in everyday.

I blog to:

  1. think about new topics to write about
  2. make data to refer to in the future (a historian approach)
  3. practice the everyday writing
  4. collect the similar practices to mine
  5. introduce books and make a summery
  6. give a chance to the others to read my essays

My favorite places on Earth/on the map:

Amusement Parks
Sues channel
The North Pole
The South Pole
Mount Everest