Supervisor, translator, editor, and idea developer:


Was wir sehen dürfen, bevor wir sterben müssen – by Edelbert Richter,

Weimar, Germany

(visual idea developer, designer)

Modern Art - Modern Art The World's Greatest Art - by Michael Kerrigan
(translator to Farsi)

…isms - understanding art - by Stephan Little
(editor of Farsi edition)

…isms - understanding architecture - by Jeremy Melvin
(editor of Farsi edition)

Land Art - by Michael Lailach & Uta Groesnick
(editor of Farsi edition)

Conceptual Art - by Daniel Marzona
(editor of Farsi edition)

Rumi's Ghazal's
(chief editor)

Hafiz's poems
(chief editor)

Other subjects: Dadaism, Cubism, Understanding Color,… as the editor of Farsi translations and idea developer of the publisher.
A series of 17 books related to basics of drawing and painting (2002-2006)
I have supervised and developed the idea of  the art books published by AbanBooks (Tehran)

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